<<set $blue_count = $blue_count + 1>><<if $black_count + $blue_count gte 30>>That was the last sock. Phew. You sit back and [[gaze at your pile of triumph|finish]].<<else>><<display 'RandomIntro'>> You pick up another sock from the pile. It's <<display 'RandomSockType'>>\n\n<<display 'Decision'>><<endif>>
You collect the socks from the rack into a pile, and head into your room to sort them. Dumping them on the bed, you let out a satisfied sigh, knowing that you've not left this longer than it needs to. You'll have fresh socks tomorrow - and for two weeks after that, given you have fifteen pairs. It was a dark wash, and it's quite difficult to tell the different colours of socks apart, so you resort to using the individual features on each sock to determine it.\n\nYou pick up a sock from the pile. It's <<display 'RandomSockType'>>\n\n<<display 'Decision'>>
Sock Sorting Simulator 2014 (Beta)
<<display 'RandomCloseLook'>> It's <<display 'RandomSockType'>>\n\n<<display 'Decision'>>
<<print either("got stitching around the top","got a distinctive heel","got a hole in the big toe","been slightly worn on the underside","looking a little tired","rather thicker than you prefer, but decent in winter","one from one of the newer pairs you own","quite soft","got a bit of a stain on it that you've never been able to get out","inside out","been a bit stretched over the course of ownership","got a nametape inside from when you used to be in high school","actually one of your flatmate's that you've nicked","one of the ones you got for Christmas last year","a little misshapen","a kind of blue-grey, but might have been black once","got some elastic showing from the seam at the top","an Argyle sock you inherited from your uncle","certain that it's black, unless you hold it up to the light, which shows it might be blue. Unless that's just what the ink looks like under the light","probably as old as you are","one of those ones that needs to go on the correct foot or it'll feel weird all day","one of the ones you bought in an airport because your bag didn't make it","a bit fancier than you'd usually buy","unremarkable in every way","probably going to wear through soon","got bobbles all over it","an ankle sock you bought when you thought they were fashionable","got a label sticking off the back for some reason","got separated toes","got a hair stuck to it, despite the wash","got a day of the week stitched into the sole","slightly smaller than your foot","a little larger than your foot","probably been made in a sweatshop somewhere, but you don't like to think about that","probably due to be thrown out, but might have one more wear in it","itchy","rolled up on itself. You must have missed it when hanging them on the rack","lost some of the strength in the elastic, so it slips down your leg when you wear it","got a tear in the top, so strings of elastic are poking out","90% polyester","fresh-smelling","a knee-sock","rather stretchy","apparently been treated with some chemical that keeps it fresher for longer, according to the packaging when you got it","a dress sock","pretty plain","a bit tighter than necessary","one you'd probably only wear on laundry day","probably going to make your feet sweat within minutes of putting it on","one you thought you'd lost","been around since you were a kid","got another sock inside it, somehow, which you discard","the kind of sock you'd expect to be given to you in jail","got a hole in an improbable place","creased")>>.
If it looks like it's probably a black sock, you can [[put it in the black pile|black]], or if it's more likely to be a navy blue sock, [[put it in the blue pile|blue]]. If you're not sure, you can [[inspect it further|Further]].
Hell. This really is a brilliant end to the day.\n\nYou scoop up the pile from the chair, making sure to grab the one that's been forced down the cushion. You potter into your room and dump them on your bed, preparing to sort through it. It looks like there's about thirty socks in here. It was a dark wash, and it's quite difficult to tell the different colours of socks apart, so you resort to using the individual features on each sock to determine it.\n\nYou pick up a sock from the pile. It's <<display 'RandomSockType'>>\n\n<<display 'Decision'>>
<<silently>><<set $black_count = 0>><<set $blue_count = 0>><<endsilently>>With a sigh, you unball all your painstakingly separated socks and give it another go. Feeling nonplussed, you take a sock off the pile in front of you. It's <<display 'RandomSockType'>>\n\n<<display 'Decision'>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $black_count = 0>>\n<<set $blue_count = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>You get in from work. It's not been a particularly tough day, but you're glad to be home. Throwing your laptop bag on the sofa, the drying rack catches your eye.\n\nDamn. That sock load you did the other day is probably dry by now. You feel them a little and you're not sure if they're damp or just a bit cold.\n\nYou should probably [[sort them out and put them away now so they aren't hanging around|Sorting]], but if you want you can [[say 'screw it' and leave it until tomorrow|Work1]].
<<if $black_count eq 1 or $black_count eq 3 or $black_count eq 5 or $black_count eq 7 or $black_count eq 9 or $black_count eq 11 or $black_count eq 13 or $black_count eq 15 or $black_count eq 17 or $black_count eq 19 or $black_count eq 21 or $black_count eq 23 or $black_count eq 25 or $black_count eq 27 or $black_count eq 29>>You start pairing the socks in the pile, balling them up and putting them in the drawer, thinking about how you won't need to do this again for a little while. Finishing off the piles, you're left with only one in each. That means there's at least one mismatched pair in the drawer somewhere. There's only one thing for it; [[undo them all and start again, paying closer attention|Retry]].<<else>>You start balling the socks together and putting them into a drawer, satisfied the ordeal is over with.\n\nOf course, you'll never know if you got it right or not until you put on a pair and someone points out that you're wearing odd socks at work. You should really throw all of them out and buy new pairs with patterns so you don't have this problem every time you do the washing.\n\nOh well. The end.<<endif>>
<<set $black_count = $black_count + 1>><<if $black_count + $blue_count gte 30>>That was the last sock. Phew. You sit back and [[gaze at your pile of triumph|finish]].<<else>><<display 'RandomIntro'>> You pick up another sock from the pile. It's <<display 'RandomSockType'>>\n\n<<display 'Decision'>><<endif>>
<<print either("You take a closer look to determine what kind of sock it is","Seems like further inspection is needed. You take a closer look","Looking at it in more detail might help, so you do so","You turn the sock over, and examine it further","You feel the material of the sock in your fingers","Some further inspection is necessary to identify it properly","You let out a sigh, and look at it more closely","You wonder why sock manufacturers don't give them serial numbers","It was definitely worth taking a closer look at this one","Upon closer inspection, you hope you can make out what colour this one is","It's hard to figure out what it is initially, so you look closer")>>.
The bus was a nightmare today and it's left a bit of a sour taste in your mouth on an otherwise uneventful day. You kick off your shoes and flop on the sofa. On the easy chair in the corner are a pile of socks; your flatmate has piled them up there to make room for his own washing. It's kind of annoying but fair enough given that you didn't clear up yours yesterday.\n\nYou could [[take his passive-aggressive point and sort your socks|Sort2]], or [[return the favour and leave them in the chair|Work2]].
by Will Templeton\n\nI'm officially okay with you doing a Let's Play of this game. If it gets taken down due to a content claim I've got your back.
Christ, today was awful. That dude at work who you always clash with did another thing that really got your goat. Taking the high road and not talking to your manager about it isn't going to help but at least you're not caving to his nonsense.\n\nThe foreboding pile of your various footcovers looks a little squished. Looks like your flatmate's sat on it instead of the sofa for some reason.\n\nBetter [[sort them before anything worse happens|Sorting3]]. You're running low on socks anyway - today you wore the same pair as yesterday.
Yeah, a day is probably long enough. You've probably pissed off your flatmate.\n\nYou scoop up the pile off the chair and dump them in your room on your bed. It's time to get down to business. It was a dark wash, and it's quite difficult to tell the different colours of socks apart, so you resort to using the individual features on each sock to determine it. Thirty socks is going to take a while.\n\nYou pick up a sock from the pile. It's <<display 'RandomSockType'>>\n\n<<display 'Decision'>>
<<print either("That's a sock in the pile","You hope you got that one right","The pile you're sorting grows by one sock","You're unsure about your choice on that one but decide to just let it ride","You've lost count of how many socks you've done already. Hopefully you don't have many more to go","You reflect on hiow mundane this all is. Not just the socks, but life, too","You wonder if it would be easier to pay someone to do this for you","If you weren't colourblind, this would be a lot easier","You sort another sock","You carefully adjust the pile you just put the sock in so it doesn't collapse","You casually toss the sock into the pile you chose","There's absolute no way you got that one wrong","You think you might have got that one wrong, but as it lands in the pile you realise you can't tell which one it was","The sock lands on the pile you chose and comes to rest","You briefly debate putting some music on to listen to while you do this, but decide the time you'd spend setting up a playlist is better spent sorting more socks","It's actually kind of therapeutic, in a strange way","Your back's beginning to hurt already from leaning over the bed. You decide it's not worth the effort to get a chair, though","You throw that sock onto the pile with a flourish. No reason you can't enjoy yourself")>>.